Monday, June 9, 2014

A Presidential Neighbor

I live right outside of Asheville, NC - we moved down here 9 years ago this September. It's a beautiful place and the weather is great. I love living here, though living in Asheville itself is expensive.

There are several celebrities who have homes in Asheville. Andie MacDowell used to and Edge from WWE currently has a home here. Looks like our newest celebrity is going to be a presidential one.

President Obama has visited Asheville quite a lot over the span of his years in the Oval Office. He says he likes it here, especially the bbq from 12 Bones. So it didn't come as a surprise to hear that the Obama's have purchased a home in Asheville.

It hasn't been confirmed but my husband, Todd has been saying for years that he thought they were going to move here once he was done being president. Looks like he was right.

I've read a lot of mixed opinions about this. I think it has to do with how people feel about him as a president as far as wanting him to live here. I'm personally indifferent though I do wonder if anything will change around here if the Obamas do become Asheville residents.

I do know that I'd still prefer to run into Edge at Ingles rather than any of the Obama's!


  1. I think Andie MacDowell moved to Montana...but you forgot Harry Anderson from Night Court and Cheers :)

  2. I did forget about Harry Anderson! I knew Andie MacDowell moved but she used to live here :)

    Asheville is just a hip place to be :D