Friday, June 13, 2014

Triple Whammy

Today is Friday the 13th. It is also a Full Moon and Mercury is in Retrograde. While many of you may scoff at this, I am superstitious to a degree. And today has been kicking my butt already.

Usually Friday the 13th on it's own is not usually a bad day. Todd has actually won the lottery in the form of scratch off tickets several times on different Friday the 13th's.

But today's combo seems to be making my life harder. I work in tech support and I deal with my fair share of unhappy and unreasonable people. But generally they are not the norm. Today though, at least the first hour of my shift was full of really upset, really unreasonable, screaming people. It was crazy!

I wasn't the only one too - my coworkers were getting similar calls as well.

Thankfully, that calmed down a bit. But then my computer erased my notes. In the nearly two years that I've done this job, that has never happened to me. Mercury in Retrograde can mess with electronic stuff as well.

I was suppose to take Emily swimming this afternoon but we probably won't be able to thanks to storms rolling in. I'm kind of glad because I don't want to test this triple whammy of a day.

My hope is that today calms down - I hope that Friday the 13th is treating you all better than it is me!

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