Saturday, June 7, 2014

Unique Dragon Con

Last Dragon Con :)
I admit it, I found myself comparing Wizard World Atlanta to Dragon Con last weekend. I know that there is no way that it would have been anything like Dragon Con but I did it anyway.

Dragon Con is such a unique experience and each con-goers can have a completely different experience than anyone else. But it's also very different from other cons as well.

First it's massive - 80,000 to 100,000 people attend Dragon Con every year. Now that's a guess because generally they don't publish the attendance numbers, but it's a huge amount of people. Now it is spread out over five host hotels and the dealer's room is now in a whole separate building.

Because of the hotels, the party never stops. I'm not a party sort of people generally but I like going to some of the track dances if I can stay awake long enough. Because there ain't no party like a Dragon Con party. And I'm pretty sure that Dragon Con is one of the few places that a normal person (as normal as your average geek is) that you can party with celebrities.

I remember Todd's first Dragon Con - he stayed up all night and ended up seeing someone famous really drunk at the bar at the Marriott. My only experience with hobnobbing with guests was the year that I had dinner with Peter Beagle - the friends I was staying with knew him and I got to tag along.

Wizard World was fun but it wasn't the awesome, crazy, exhausting high that Dragon Con is. We actually went and had lunch at the food court at the Peachtree Center after we left Wizard World. It was sad and really empty. But in a few months, it will be filled with geeks and cosplayers and friends!

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