Monday, June 2, 2014

Wizard World Atlanta

Me and Karen Gilliam
For many years, Todd has wanted to go to a Wizard World. Mostly because they get a lot of big name guests that other conventions don't get. But until this year, there wasn't one close enough for us to go to.

When it was announced that Wizard World was coming to Atlanta, Todd wanted to go. But it wasn't until Anthony Mackie was added to the guest list that we decided for go for sure. Unfortunately, he canceled, but other guests had been added that we wanted to meet.

Since Todd is new at his job, we decided to just go on Saturday. We got up very early Saturday morning and drove down. Luckily, my wonderful aunt and uncle were willing to let us stay and watch Emily. We hung with them for a while and I got changed into my costume.

Wizard World was at the World Congress Center which is only a few MARTA stops away from Dragon Con. We got on the train and it did something we'd never experience before - the train broke down!

We weren't stopped for long, but they did make us get out and put the train out of service at one of the next stops. The rest of the trip was fairly smooth and we got there a little after 10.

After getting our wristbands we walked in. It was much smaller than I expected. The majority of the con was in one big room. One end had the autographs and the photo ops and another end had the artist's alley. In the middle was the dealer's room. They also had food and a gaming area. And there were a few panel rooms outside of the main room.

There was already a line formed for Karen Gilliam's autograph. Since I had preordered that I got a card and got in line. It took longer to wait for her to arrive than it did to go through the line. Though while I was waiting there was a bunch of teenage girls running and screaming behind us. I think they were doing the VIP experience with Norman Reedus which gave them one on one time with him. Whatever they were so hyped up about, it got annoying after a while.

Todd met up with me right before I got Karen's autograph. I was a little surprised that she was taking table pictures for free, but I took advantage of it and got my picture with her.

After that, we  had some time to kill before Todd needed to get in line for the Big Show. While I was waiting for Karen, Todd had gotten another autograph from an actor who had been in the Boondock Saints 2.

We watched around the dealer's area. I found a Keyblade right away and since I love Kingdom Hearts I had to get it. Todd is going to mount it somewhere in my office. I got some stickers for my car and we got Emily a My Little Pony figure.

I was feeling kind of crappy, in part due to the screaming girls, so we went to the food area of the room and I got a BBQ sandwich. We did some more looking around and then got in line to meet the Big Show.

Todd had him autograph his WrestleMania poster from the year it was in Atlanta. He is a big man and was pretty nice. After that, we decided that there really wasn't anything else we wanted to do. Todd's not big into panels and neither of us had a ton of money to spend.

We opted inside to go see the new X-Men movie which was very good. We did have a good time at the convention - we both considered this year a scouting trip to see what it was like. If there is an actor or wrestler we want to meet next year, we'd definitely go back. If not, we'll probably skip it.

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