Sunday, June 22, 2014

Words Can Hurt

I've been called all kinds of names over the years. A large part of the bullying that I endured when I was a kid involved taunts and name-calling. Words can hurt as much as a punch to the stomach.

I remember an incident many years ago when I was a tween / young teenager. We had gone to Bay City to watch the 4th of July fireworks and it was packed. I still would hold my mom's hand in public, and was doing so that night because it was very crowded. A group of girls not that much older than I was saw us and started yelling insults. I don't remember exactly what they were but they all amounted to me being gay because I was holding my mom's hand.

My mom told me to ignore them, but I felt hurt and ashamed. I let go of my mom's hand and I don't think I ever held it again in public.

I grew up and words hurt less when coming from complete strangers. Which is good since I get cursed out on a daily basis as part of my job.

Yesterday a lady thought I pulled out in front of her in the Walmart parking lot. I think she was just going way too fast in the parking lot. She started beeping at me and showing me the finger. I just ignored her and kept driving, so she beeped again.

I pulled up to a red light and she pulled up to right beside me. She started yelling at me to learn how to drive, that I was a bitch and a four-eyes. She also told Emily that she needed to tell her mama to learn how to drive. As the light turned green and I went to turn, she yelled out Whore out of the window.

It didn't bother me. I just thought that she was highly immature and needed a lesson in manners. In fact, I told her that she needed to learn manners. But Emily was bothered by it. I told Emily that she was just a stupid person and to ignore it. I turned on some Disney music and got us some ice cream at Sonic.

Emily did want me to tell Todd - that seemed very important to her. Not that there was much he could do since he was at work. But I promised to tell him.

I'll never understand road rage but hopefully I can teach my daughter that while words can hurt, the careless stupid words of a strangers should be ignored.

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