Monday, June 16, 2014

The Godzilla Nightmare

I've had very vivid dreams ever since I was a child. Some are good, some are super scary and some are just plain weird. I nearly always remember what I've dreamed too. I've even died before in a dream. Last night's dream was weird and long so I thought I'd share it.

The dream started out and I was in a mall. I was with some other people and I think Todd was there. There was stomping outside and all the power went out. I got some back story somehow - Godzilla had a mate and they were trying breed right by the mall.

The power did come back on eventually. We were in the food court and I had wanted cheesecake. But by the time the power came on, the cheesecake store said they were closed. I was more upset about the lack of cheesecake then Godzilla getting it on not far from where I was.

For some reason, Godzilla's mate got killed and this caused Godzilla to be mad and look for a new mate to have giant lizard babies with. I was now in this huge house that was overlooking a lake. It was beautiful until Godzilla came and smashed it up.

The house had a basement so me and the other people there went to the basement. We tried hiding but Godzilla kept coming and smashing things up. It wasn't like he was actually after me, I just had really bad instincts on not going where he was.

I ended up in this old shopping center. Godzilla himself wasn't really around for this part, but he had successfully mated with some giant lizard and there were now babies. If the babies touched you, your skin turned green around the edges and you became a lizard zombie.

I tried hiding myself in a bunker with another girl. We had DVD's in the bunker so we thought we were set, but it was breached by the babies. We ran and ended up in this Asian store.The shopkeeper lead us back through the shop to all these hidden rooms. There was this huge bath in the back that was more like indoor swimming pool.

We weren't safe for very long - and I ended up being bitten by the Godzilla babies. I felt pretty good about it and enjoyed swimming while being green and lizard-y.

It was at this point that I woke up. I felt very groggy so I ended up playing on my phone again. I didn't want to slip right back into the dream because that can cause me to have sleep paralysis sometimes. When I did finally get back to sleep about an hour later, I did start dreaming about Godzilla again. Needless to say, I'm pretty wiped today.

When I told Emily about the dream she was a little sad that I didn't get stomped because she says that Godzilla stomps people and things. But the dream was weird enough to begin with.

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